The biggest lesson you’ve learned in the last 12 months

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The biggest lesson I’ve in the past 12 months besides having my own personal coach/mentor.

How important are goals to your life? Have you ever really wondered when thinking about where you are in life? Why am not where I thought I would be? Why is it taking me so long? Am I on track? WTF!

The biggest change I’ve made is investing in coaching that gets the results I need. The weekly touch session gets me results to at least one step closer to where I want to go. Have you ever noticed that when you set deadlines for projects, you may or may not get to them? You may forget or you may not forget? You write it on your calendar that rarely gets used, or like me, you say you’ll get to it later. Well, that perfect later time never comes.

The biggest nugget I found in all the coaching was that there is no perfect time. Yes, you heard me! NO PERFECT TIME for anything in this world. We only have the time we have and that’s what we get to do what we need this moment, and if you wait for the perfect moment, you may not get that opportunity again. Time, goals, ambitions don’t just say ‘hey I have time’ no! They want to be fed and fed to their appropriate appetite! It’s important to see where you’re going but its critical to have a support of women supporting you! Not just your friends but professionally designed to get you results and measurable outcomes. 

For example, I am starting my monthly coaching subscription program where we work on the goals you want to, get you weekly touch in’s (or the touch-ins agreed on), and the journaling you need to get things processed. My coaching involves lots of journaling, time, and reflection. You can find the link here to schedule a pre-meeting and see when you’d like to get started.

I have not been to a coaching session that has proved pointless. There are ways you can expense coaching if you have your business. There are ways you can negotiate things with yourself, it’s just a matter of realizing we all need assistance and some of us (like you) need coaching. Because there are goals, ambitions, and objectives in life we cannot reach without the support of a tribe of a coach you can go to, a blog that can assist you and a world where people, events, calendar all serve you-in the best way possible. 

It takes some tinkering, moving around, and lots of change and responsibility. But it is not impossible to reach a sense of that world. 

Where I think things get lost in translation is how fast things need to start getting done to see changes. If you’re a mom like me, it’s hard to get anything done. Was the perfect imperfection project ever, doing a baby step at a time. But really it’s about the small details, the hot bun not eaten and replaced with a spiritual tea experience that fits into our chaotic life now! The life-changing routines, the minor details that lead up to this. The daily getting up in the morning and not looking at the phone, taking a cold shower, writing in the journal, (if possible) reading a book or a quick article, putting on your make-up, heels, and working out! Taking those small moments, those imperfect moments is what I’ve learned in the face of needing a coach and it costing me a pretty penny (that yes I am writing off). 

I want you reading this to sign up for a pre-meeting with me! I can help you get there and be that coach. I just need you to take that step and get yourself in a chair and get ready!

Life changes don’t happen overnight. I always heard “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Who hasn’t heard that saying? Serious! The biggest lesson is that having my own coach brings me what I need and those nuggets that I can’t find without assistance. 

If I could leave you with me a challenge today, is to write down when you’re going to schedule your pre-meeting call with me as your life coach. Setting goals, creating the life you want takes you to do it. 

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