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Productivity doesn’t work unless you do, so guess what: You need to do it now! 

Does it sound like am someone’s mom because I am! 

I really hate it when my husband says he’ll do it later. Mostly, because he will, and by then I’ll be well not ready sort of speak. Do you know that feeling you get when you know you have to do something now, write it down now, schedule it now, or just simply get this done now? That urgency you feel almost a bit anxious when you’re getting to that head. 

That feeling is what motivates me and helps me get it done Now! Because what better time do, we ever find, what better time do we ever get, and what about our present moment? When we’re here now? Yes, we may miss out on our kids eating their first cookies because if we as moms don’t do dishes now by the time, they finish that cookie we are so burnt out we are emotionally crying out loud and/or physically melting ourselves glued to our seats. We literally feel like we can’t take one more step because of the exhaustion. 

Have you been there? Anyways, I have, and it feels like I am there easy every other day especially when I have zero childcare coverage. 

However hard and painful it is to literally pick my big thigh up and drag it with me. I know in me that there are things I need to do right this second, right this present for me to really have my end goal situated. That by the end of the night I can take a bath without two toddlers screaming in my ears, grabbing my legs so I can’t move, and crying because they don’t want to put on their pajamas and go the fxxx to sleep! By the way, if you as a mom don’t have that book, I am linking it here, go buy it, read it out loud to yourself when you’re up at night and can’t sleep. Helps nothing, problems will still be there, but it is way funny. 

It might be helpful when understanding our kids even though life for them is different and more on the light and happy side.

Let’s say you start implementing this whole concept of getting it done now! Imagine how much more time you’d actually have! Crazy to think procrastination actually consumes more mental energy, time suck, and emotional blocks because it’s that huge mess we keep putting in our money spot. Our productivity spot helps us creatives be creative. That helps us moms mentally function better, be happier, and feel more satisfaction from the mundane daily thankless tasks of being a mom, wife, lover, friend, confidant, support system to others, taxi/uber service for children and house guests, mastermind strategist for holidays, main household scheduler, and well the list is endless. We as natural-born women are and have boundless gifts in us that sometimes just come out when we put a demand and expectation on us aligning with our present moments.

Sometimes I feel like it’s easier to do it now, because we feel less tied down, more emotionally present with our families, and available for the creative, exciting, or relaxing work we want to do. Other times it feels like procrastination is a black hole that has sucked me in like the Man on Steel movie bad guys getting sucked into the gravitational black prison hole. Because when we do try to rid our minds, bodies of this feeling what we face is what feels likes an insurmountable prism.

Our prayer: God help me do to the things I can't and accomplish your goals for my life. 

So… What’s my point? Getting those legs up and literally doing it now has been my saving grace! Doing it even while I am tired has been my burning work-through rate, and ending the day with complete exhaustion is what I believe is our reward. That piece of mind assures me that I got this because I actually got it done.

I wrote this for you!

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