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Have you ever asked yourself: “What was I thinking?” “Why did I say that?” “Why am I so confused?” “How do I get all these thoughts to manageable-sized pieces?” The list of self-reflective questions goes on and on. 

However, what I have found is that no matter how much you self-reflect (which is great, keep doing that in order to continually transcend) you need to slow that down in your journal. I have a journal I wrote and create for this particular reason. To look at the journal, and have things just come up slower and fast all at the same time. Buy one for yourself and a friend its less than $10 bucks and will save you loads of mouth vomit embarrassment, as it has me. 

“Journal that Shit” was created for my life coaching clients, who are overwhelmed with confusion and can’t really decide on anything. Great news, you don’t. You need to however start rituals of slowing down those thoughts in order for you to actually stop and sit in your power throne. That spot where you are clear as to where you’re going, who you really need to be with, talk with, and interact with, and at what time.

This is not an easily mastered skill, and I can’t say this will come during the first journal entry (but it can, up to you but it’s really unlikely). All you can do to ground yourself, is start your journaling processing, get in tune with your religious life which is the main ingredient to your success, but you also have to do the daily work. The daily grind of taking those sweet quiet moments to write.

Why is it important to write? I can do it on my phone? Well, you can, but you won’t get the same result. Writing the old school way, with your physical hand with a pen and paper, causes different things in your brain to turn on or off. Your brain thinks faster than you can write, so physically putting words on paper will tell your brain that instead of riding a rollercoaster you need to slower ride your tricycle until you can ride a bike at a pace custom to your current state.

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