I wish I could tell my younger self…

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Have you ever said, “I wish I knew this when I was younger?” Have you ever literally hated life because you ‘didn’t know?’ If you could estimate a dollar amount, how much does it cost you NOT to KNOW? I’ll wait. 

I have many regrets, as you may too, but the one-off wishing I had a glimpse of the future is not one. The one I have now is wishing I could have the older version of me speak to the dumber idiotic, psychotic, pathetic, lost version of myself and say, “Tatiana, you can!” Say that now, go there in your heart and mind, tell yourself: “I can handle this, I can!” Even if it’s to your younger or older self. 

One of the toughest challenges for me has been going beyond a painful past, leaving the broken pieces, having in God, and moving on! I wish I could tell my younger self so many things, but now what’s the point. We cannot change who did what to us, who didn’t give us what we needed, what we didn’t give ourselves. Who cares about that because it’s important to see who we were to move on, I think anyways.

Can you imagine what it would be like if your younger self listened? Hah! Some of us would-be billionaires! Or in healthy relationships! We wish we could be our best selves today. With that in mind, can you imagine what older you would say to you now? NO? Well, what would you tell your younger self what are the pitfalls where you fell? Did someone sell you a dream they didn’t deliver? Did you fall in love with someone to never get them back? Did you give up the most significant opportunity of your life because of x, y, z? These are essential things to reflect on because they can be happening now. 

Since 2020 happened (yes, that year flew by), there is no better or worse time than the present. For some, they are the government’s experimental rat hoping they don’t get a created disease. For others, this is their wake-up call to align themselves with their spirituality (God), seek a better self, and do the things once unthinkable. Like, ask for a raise, open that company, start that blog, have that child, get married!? Where are you in these? 

Where you are now can dictate where you will end up many years from now? You need to take a seat for a second and reverse everything negative to your advantage by speaking to your younger self and your now younger self listening to the older you. Did you get that? Think of your older version once you’re done chatting (if you need to) with your younger self. Do what she/he is telling you they would be proud that you did now!

I have done this, and it has completely changed the course of my life. I have a spiritual life that is very important to me and a priority, which helps a lot. Jesus has really been an important part of my story. However, I have noticed that I get nowhere without taking a mental step, physical, and emotional intention to what I want. Today, my older self and those that have passed away speak volumes of stories, encouraging ones to teach me where I need to go, what I need to be doing, and who I need to be with. 

The older version of you, wants you to know that: “Yes you can.” I sell a journal that you can find on Amazon “Journal that shit” by Tatiana Carlson. Journaling is a great way to process this information, but if you’re not a journal-er who cares do what you need to do to get those answers, guidance, and resolve. 

Fast forward to your 80’s, do you want to say I lived my best life, I accomplished every one of my hearts desires, and lived a life worth living? Then get to it. There is no better time than today tomorrow is not promised and the times ahead aren’t necessarily sunny. 

It’s already painful enough to see all the opportunities lost because our younger self was too proud to listen. Invest smarter, spend wisely, be around those who build you up, do what the older version of you would be proud you accomplished. 

Much love,


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